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Global Mobility and Transitions-care

Our Mission

Soi Soon provides consultancy services to help international organisations facilitate transition for their highly mobile communities by developing, implementing and improving transitions-care programmes through workshops, training and policies.

Accompanying international organisations along every step of their transitions-care journey

What is transitions-care?

Transitions-care is the practice of managing the effects of global mobility on the members of international school communities. If unmanaged, the effects of global mobility are far-reaching, affecting not only the well-being of the school's community, but the potential to achieve high academic results.


Consider the impact on a learning environment when on average one third of the population is in the midst of pre-departure anxiety, another third wound-up in post-arrival uncertainty, and the final third busy trying to keep it all sorted out. It quickly becomes clear that addressing transitions is an international school imperative. "

Dr Barbara Schaetti (1998)

Why transitions-care matters

Mobility is the single most detrimental factor for academic success (McNulty-Carter, 2016) and is ranked last (worst) of 138 factors that impact how well students learn (Hattie, 2009).

Unmanaged mobility can be harmful to the development and well-being of an individual. However, if managed well, children who live a highly mobile life benefit from an expanded world-view, interpersonal sensitivity, cultural intelligence and cross-cultural competence (Lyttle, Barker & Cornwell, 2011; Van Reken & Pollock, 2017). 

Why more schools are not focused on transitions-care

Lack of time to tackle transition is the biggest barrier schools face to achieving optimal transitions-care (Bates, 2013; Mahoney & Barron, 2020).

At Soi Soon we believe transitions-care starts at school. As centers of community, international schools are vessels for highly mobile students, parents and staff to attach to and grow within. We understand the importance for schools to be aware of their role in transition and want to help schools cultivate healthy transition practices that will benefit both their school culture and community in the long run.

Why Soi Soon?

External consultants as a solution to an organisation's lack of time.



We have a combined experience of 30+ years in international schools across four continents working with British, French and American curricula - meaning we have fully experienced the complexities of international school ecosystems. We have successfully set up transitions-care teams and programmes world-wide.



With an in-depth understanding of transitions-care, Third Culture Kids, intercultural teaching and attachment styles, as well as teaching and living internationally, training in organisational coaching and developing transition policies, we are equipped with a rich plethora of knowledge that we carry with us.



As a mother-daughter duo, we understand partnership and the complexities of establishing harmonious coexistence. We offer the advantage of our experiences as educator, parent, daughter, and pupil of international schools, meaning we know, recognise and understand the vast needs of school community members.  



Soi Soon has connected with and bonded over our desire to create healthy transitions in international organisations with numerous other leading-researchers and texperts. Through participating in discussions, international conferences and symposiums, we continue to build both our network and resources.


About us


Ester Keuning

Ester is married to an adult TCK and mother of three TCK daughters. She has accumulated more than 25+ years of experience teaching internationally in eight countries across 4 continents. Since being introduced to the term Third Culture Kids in 2009, she has not stopped advocating for better transitions-care in the schools she has worked for, including setting up and heading transitions teams in schools. Ester is an active contributor to various on and offline platforms of transitions-care providers worldwide.


Patricia Zayan

Patricia has first-hand experience being a TCK having lived in seven different countries before the age of 18. Through her experience growing up across multiple continents, she understands the importance of transitions-care and the need to have access to a good support system from an early age. After discovering she could combine her life experience with her professional one,  Patricia has made it her mission to bring transitions-care to international organisations so their communities may benefit from healthy transitions.

Ann b&w.jpg

Ann Helen Spilmont-Mijan

Ann Helen evolved in a multicultural and mobile environment. Mother of two TCK girls, she has moved numerous times within Europe and North America. Global mobility and its repercussions is a subject that particularly touches her. She is aware that being trained in the effects of global mobility, understanding questions of belonging and identity are of importance for the communities of both  international organisations and schools. Through her experience, she is also firmly convinced that today's world requires more relevant support for adolescents and young adults. Driven by a humanist vision, she decided to found Soi Soon, where growth and development are at the center of its objective.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of transitions-care-related workshops and tailored services. For our services list, click here. For more information, please don't hesitate to contact  us.

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